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  Dates are the sweet and tasty fruit of the palm trees that are scientifically classified as Phoenix dactylifera. Their history dates back to seven thousand years and historians believe that they originate in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, or Mesopotamia. Its exact place of origin is still debated amon

  Raisins are popular as an ingredient throughout the world for their culinary applications and various other uses. Raisins or otherwise commonly known as kishmish are the dried fruit of certain varieties of grapes. Raisins were grown as early as 2000 BC in countries such as Persia and Egypt where

Raisins are popular across cultures, countries, and continents due to their unique flavour and versatile applications through various industries. Raisins are the dried fruit of certain varieties of grapes. The variety of grapes used depends on the size and colour of the grapes. Blue, purple, green,


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