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What are Figs? How is it Used?


Figs are one of the most popular fruits known to man due to their unique flavour as a snack and their versatility as an ingredient. Figs otherwise also known as Anjeer are the fruits of the ficus tree, a species of trees that are a part of the mulberry family. The fig, although is termed as a fruit, is not a true fruit as it does not satisfy the botanical criteria that classify a fruit as a fruit. The fig is a receptacle that contains hundreds of small fruits that are commonly known as pips. Figs are typically available as fresh, dried, crystallized, tinned, or even as puree depending on how it is used. Buy figs online or offline from reputed vendors to get the high-quality ingredient that you’re looking for.


Figs grow in plants called fig trees which are robust sturdy trees that can reach up to 10 meters in height. Their roots are powerful enough to accelerate the development of their small flowers which we now call the fig. Figs belong to the species ‘Ficus carica ‘and grow in fig trees that can easily surpass 10 meters in height. Fig trees that are grown in commercial plantations are usually maintained as small trees of around 3 to 4 branches. The leaves of the fig tree are green with strong hairs that maintain the structure and integrity of the leaves. The trunk of the fig plant is heavy and twisted. The branches of the tree have no flowers as they develop inside the tree due to its small size. The receptacle of the flower becomes fleshy when it matures and bores multiple fruits, hence why it is included in the category of false fruits. The roots of the fig tree are very powerful as it allows the soil to go into great depths and surfaces supporting it in long periods of droughts. The fig tree can adapt to numerous types of soils although it grows best when the soil is deep and fertile. It is a tropical area plant that requires moderate temperatures for its ideal growth. Temperatures over 40ºC cause the fruits to ripen and causes changes in the consistency of the shell. When you buy figs online make sure they were sourced from true authentic farms which use the standard means to plant and cultivate the fruit.

Dried Figs

Figs, in general, are very fragile fruits and thus they can prove difficult to preserve in good conditions. This is why there is an ever-growing rise in demand for dry and tinned figs. Its time of preservation is high as the fruit is flat and flexible. The fruit is typically greyish violet or brown in colour with a yellowish pulp present inside it. Since it is a highly perishable fruit, mature figs do not tend to last for more than 3 days in the fridge. Figs along raisins are some of the oldest and popular dried fruits in existence today. So when you buy figs online or from your local grocery store make sure to store them in appropriate conditions for their prolonged use.


Figs are widely used in the culinary world in several forms. Figs are available as dried, fresh, tinned, crystalized, or in puree, form depending on its use. Among all these by-products of figs, dried figs are considered the most important. Dried figs are obtained by drying the fresh fruit. Its humidity is reduced from 80% to 15% which allows the fruit to concentrate and keep hold of its various nutritional compounds. Dried figs can be eaten as a snack or incorporated into recipes by simmering it for several minutes in water. They can be added to other fruit juices to make them juicier. They can also be used as a topping on yogurts, ice creams, and other desserts. Dried figs can be used interchangeably with recipes that use prunes, dates, or dried apricots.


Fresh figs can be consumed as a snack or pureed as a stuffing for different confectionery products to obtain wine and other forms of drinks. Fresh figs can also be added to porridges and salads to eat a truly healthy meal. They can also be added to other fresh juices to make a refreshing drink. Figs can also be roasted and ground to derive a powder that can be substituted for coffee. Tinned figs which consist of very small and sweet autumn figs are used to make beverages such as rum, cognac, or sherry. Crystallized figs are typically added to desserts and some types of alcohol due to their specific consistency. So buy figs online or offline and use them in the prescribed form as required for your recipe.


Figs are also a crucial ingredient in the commercial industry where it is incorporated into several lines of products. The dried seeds in figs contain an oil that has 30 percent of fatty acids. This edible oil is derived from the seeds as it can be used as a lubricant that can help keep the skin healthy while also removing any bruises, scars, etc. The natural humectants present in figs make them a pivotal ingredient in beauty and health products such as soap, fragrances, moisturizers, candles, etc. Buy Anjeer/Figs online and use the seeds to derive the oil which acts as a moisturizer for clean and healthy skin.


Typically when figs are planted and then subsequently harvested, fig leaves are plucked and used as fodder for cattle, livestock, etc in regions like India, Pakistan, etc. In Southern France, fig leaves are used as a source of perfume material as it emits a woody -mossy scent which is quite fragrant and pleasant.


Figs are also popular for the various medicinal benefits it offers. They improve cardiovascular health by lowering blood pressure levels and blood fat levels. This decreases the risk of the onset of various heart diseases. Figs also contain high levels of fiber which promotes one’s digestive health by softening and adding bulk to stools. Consumption of figs in moderation is also advised for patients who suffer from type 1 diabetes as it lowers their insulin needs. It also aids in weight loss by curbing one’s appetite and helping you feel full for longer periods of time. As a result, it reduces an individual’s food intake over time. So buy Anjeer online and consume them in moderation to attain the numerous medicinal benefits it offers.




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