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Star Anise

What are the Health Benefits of Star Anise?


Star anise is a popular spice all around the world because of its signature odor and hugely beneficial medicinal properties. The spice comes from the tiny pink flowers which are harvested and dried just before ripening and then being made ready for consumption. The tree from which Star anise is harvested has the scientific classification “Illicium verum” and is indigenous to Southern Eastern China.


Star anise is a key ingredient in Eastern and Asian cuisines. It can be used as ground or whole depending on how you want to use it to get the desired effect. It is combined onto several dishes and items such as stews, sauces, roasted meats, steaks, etc to infuse its trademark flavor. It is also used in commercial items sold worldwide as it is infused into cosmetic items such as soaps, toothpaste, skin creams, and perfumes to derive its natural health benefits and to fill it with its unique fragrance. When you buy star anise make sure it is of the highest quality available in order to get the most out of its use.


Perhaps one of the more interesting facts about star anise is that it is imbued with several nutrients which is hugely beneficial for the body. Star anise has been used in traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for centuries now. When you are buying star anise you tend to think about its flavor and odor while forgetting about the innumerous health benefits it provides to an individual. Star anise contains several nutrients such as flavonoids, polyphenolic compounds, and several other bioactive compounds making it an excellent source of protection against several diseases. Buy star anise from reputed vendors and stores to make sure that you get the best quality available in order to derive the most out of its health benefits. Let us look at more of the health benefits that star anise is responsible for.

Star Anise Spice1.Star Anise is Rich in Essential Nutrients


Star anise even though deceptively small in size, packs a good amount of several important micronutrients in one serving. The star anise seed is rich in iron which is vital for the production of healthy blood cells in one’s body. It also contains tiny amounts of manganese which acts as an antioxidant and is necessary for the metabolism and development of the body. It also contains other nutrients such as fiber, calcium, potassium, copper, protein, etc. Buy star anise and combine it onto a dish of your liking to consume all the essential nutrients it provides.


2.Reduces Symptoms of Depression


Depression is one of the most common mental health disorders that plague up to 12% of men and 25% of women worldwide. Research has found that the star anise may be effective in fighting depression. Studies done in mice suggest that the anise seed exhibits powerful antidepressant properties and could be developed further into making it a common prescription to treat depression. Participants who took a capsule of 200 mg of anise oil decreased symptoms of mild to moderate depression.


3.Prevents Growth of Bacteria and Fungi


Studies have suggested that star anise and their compounds possess antimicrobial properties that prevent infections and inhibit the growth of fungi and bacteria. Anethole, an active compound found in star anise is also found to prevent the growth of bacteria as well. Anethole blocked the onset of cholera, an infection caused by a specific bacteria in one study further exhibiting its potential to prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria in humans. Buy star anise from reputed vendors and consume it in your daily diet to prevent the onset of dangerous diseases.


4.Relieves Menopause Symptoms


Menopause is a natural phenomenon where the natural decline in women’s reproductive hormones during aging leads to symptoms like fatigue, dry skin, etc. Studies have suggested that compounds present in star anise imitate the effects of estrogen in one’s body reducing the symptoms of menopause in women. Some of the compounds present in star anise prevent bone loss, one of the more popular symptoms of menopause that occurs as a result of declining estrogen levels. Women undergoing menopause should certainly buy star anise and incorporate it into their daily diet to gain relief from the symptoms of menopause.

Star Anise5.Reduces Inflammation


Inflammation is a normal response awakened by the immune system in your body to protect against injuries and infection in most cases. High levels of inflammation over a long period though is a sign of chronic conditions such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes that may have started to affect the body. Scientific research has suggested that star anise may help in reducing inflammation to promote better health and prevent the onset of diseases. Star anise is also high in antioxidants that reduce inflammation. Buy star anise and consume it to protect yourself against several harmful diseases.


6.Regulates Blood Sugar Levels


Research has shown that anethole, a compound present in star anise may help keep blood sugar levels in check when it is paired with a healthy and fulfilling diet. Anethole reduces blood sugar levels by altering the key enzymes present in the body. Anethole also enhanced the function of pancreas cells that produce insulin in the body. Buy star anise and incorporate it into a dish of your liking to regulate blood sugar levels to a reasonable amount.



Star anise is host to several nutrients and compounds that can protect the body against several common and chronic diseases. So make sure to buy star anise from reputed stores or vendors online and incorporate it into your daily diet to derive the most out of its health benefits.



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