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Everything You Need To Know About Raw Honey

How We Produce Farm Fresh Raw Honey At Thottam Farm Fresh

Made by honey bees, honey is a sweet, thick syrup that is been enjoyed by many people around the world for a wide variety of purposes. However, there are two forms of honey – the regular kind and the raw kind – and, today we are going to take a look at the collection and processing of raw honey, which is precisely what we offer at Thottam Farm Fresh.

What Is Raw Honey?

Raw honey is presented to consumers just the way it exists in beehives – unadulterated. At Thottam Farm Fresh, we care about the health of our honey bees and customers alike, which is why we strive to present you with the only finest quality. Here’s how –

1. Our farmers’ setup beehives in a manner that allows bees to fully thrive under the Queen Bee.

2. Our farmers extract raw honey carefully from the hive’s honeycombs and expose it to sunlight.

3. Then, our farmers gently pour the honey over a nylon cloth or mesh to separate it from dead bees and beeswax.

4. Afterward, the strained, raw honey is carefully bottled up for you to enjoy. No artificial sweeteners or processed sugar is ever added from our end – there are absolutely no hidden ingredients!

5. During off-season – when bees cannot collect honey from flowers – our farmers take very good care of bees by using natural remedies to ensure they are not attacked by other pests. We do not want our bees to undergo any stress!

How Is Regular Honey Produced?

Regular honey is pasteurized and filtered, which destroys the yeast found in honey to extend shelf life and adds further smoothness. Debris and air bubbles are also removed, so it looks nice, visually. Some brands add sweeteners, too.

Please note that raw honey and organic honey are not the same things – raw honey is not pasteurized or processed. It is simply strained before being bottled up. Organic honey, however, could simply come from a bee farm that meets the standards of organic livestock but could have been pasteurized and processed.

Why Opt For Raw Honey?

Because raw honey is unadulterated, it contains more nutritional value –

* 22 amino acids
* 31 minerals and
* an assortment of vitamins and enzymes

In fact, experts say raw honey contains approximately 30 types of bioactive plant compounds – polyphenols – that serve as antioxidants, which can reduce inflammation and reduce the risk of certain cancers, as well as heart disease. Furthermore, a research study indicates that raw honey contains 4.3x more antioxidants than processed honey! Raw honey – including ours – also contains pollen, which is recognized as medicine by The German Federal Ministry of Health.

If kept in closed containers, raw honey never expires – according to The National Honey Board, honey can remain stable for centuries, if stored correctly. Yes, it will undergo crystallization, but that doesn’t mean the honey is spoiled. Just place the honey bottle in a bowl of warm water, and within less than an hour, it’ll be back in the drizzle-worthy state!

To Sum It Up

We hope this article clears up the difference between raw honey versus regular honey, and why raw honey is a healthier option. Because raw honey is offered in as close a form to how it is in the beehive source (i.e. no healing, ultra-filtration, the addition of sweeteners), the enzymes and pollen present offer added health benefits. In other words, regular honey is more of sugar syrup, whereas raw honey is a truly miraculous food.

Order your delicious dose of raw honey online from Thottam Farm Fresh. We hope you enjoy adding our raw honey to tea, coffee, desserts, smoothies, and other recipes!

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