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Dried Ginger

What is Dried Ginger & How is it Used?


Dried Ginger is one of the most ancient spices known to man. It is one of the most widely consumed condiments around the world in different cultures and cuisines. Ginger is a member of the same plant family that includes cardamom and turmeric. The tree from which dried ginger is harvested has the scientific classification “Zingiber officinale” and is believed to be native to Southeast Asia although its exact origins are unclear. Ginger is available mainly as fresh and dried. Dried ginger is derived from a rhizome and grows underground bearing both roots and shoots.


The spice ginger has several names across different cultures and languages around the world. It is famously known as “Inchi” in Malayalam, “Adrak,” in Hindi, “Shunti” in Kannada, and “Allamu,” in Telugu. The rhizome which can be identified by the horizontal stem from which the roots grow is the main portion of ginger that is largely consumed. The use of ginger has been traced back to over 5000 years where it was used to treat many ailments and diseases by the Indians and the Chinese. The ginger plant is cultivated throughout humid tropics with India being the largest producer of ginger in the world. Buy adrak online or offline from reputed vendors to get the high-quality ingredient you are looking for.


Ginger can be found in various forms including fresh, dried, preserved, powdered, crystallized, candied, pickled, or ground. Ginger or adrak is described as having a strong and spicy aroma while the flavour profile is said to be slightly peppery and slightly sweet. The spicy aroma present in ginger is mainly due to the presence of compounds, especially the gingerols which is the primary component of ginger that is studied for its varied health benefits. The concentration of essential oils increases as the ginger ages with time. The way the spice is meant to be used determines the time when it is harvested. If you plan to buy adrak online or offline and extract its oil then the ginger is typically harvested at 9 months or longer. Adrak harvested at around 8-9 months has a tough exterior that has to be removed before consumption, and the root is more pungent and is used dried or powdered into ground ginger.


Dried ginger is the most common form of ginger that is found in spice racks across supermarkets and spice shops. These are best used in cookies, cakes, and curry mixes. When you buy adrak online which was harvested at 5 months or below, chances are that it is not yet mature and has very thin skin. The rhizomes tend to only have a mild flavour and are best used fresh or after preservation. Dried ginger is best used to make baked goods and as a condiment to enhance flavour in stewed dishes. Dried ginger is also commonly used to make tea, coffee, or any other type of beverage. Buy adrak online or offline to possess a condiment famed for its culinary variety and versatility.


In the food industry, dried ginger is often powdered or crushed and then used as a flavouring agent in salad dressings, tomato ketchup, sauces, pickles, gravies, meat sausages, curry dishes, etc. Dried ginger is often powdered or crushed due to its availability throughout the world. Dried ginger is also powdered and used for fragrance in soaps and other cosmetics. Ginger oil obtained by steam distillation of dried ginger is used in the flavouring of beverages, perfumes, and confectionery. Thus ginger has an active presence in most cosmetics and fragrances in the commercial industry. Buy adrak online or from your local grocery store to use it in any way as per your needs and convenience.

Ginger AdrakGinger enjoys a varied history in various forms of alternative and traditional medicine. Dried ginger contains various nutrients which help in relieving common diseases. Ginger is diaphoretic, which means that it promotes sweating, working to warm the body from within and thereby relieving relief from a cold, flu, and cough. Ginger also reduces symptoms of dysmenorrhea, the pain that women experience during menstruation. Ginger has also been used for centuries to treat digestion as it contains phenolic compounds which are known to help relieve gastrointestinally (GI) irritation, stimulate saliva and bile production, and suppress gastric contractions.


Gingerol is the main bioactive compound present in ginger. It is the key factor responsible for most of the ginger’s medicinal properties. Gingerol also has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties according to scientific research and studies. The presence of gingerol helps reduce oxidative stress which is the result of having an excess amount of free radicals in the body. Dried ginger also has a positive effect on weight loss and obesity as it reduces body weight, the hip ratio, and the waist-hip ratio in people that are deemed overweight or obese. Recent studies and researches have proven that consumption of ginger can lead to a significant decline in LDL (bad) cholesterol levels in your body. Adrak lowers cholesterol levels by reducing LDL cholesterol, total cholesterol, and blood triglyceride levels in your body. Buy adrak online or offline and incorporate it into your daily diet to attain its various medicinal benefits.














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