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What are the Benefits of Cardamom for Skin and Health?


Spices are an important integral part of the Indian style of cooking. One of the most fragrant and aromatic spices that are a staple in the Indian kitchen is cardamom. Its unique flavour is a constant in making both savoury and sweet dishes alike. Cardamom is also host to several medicinal properties that protect and improves one’s general health. Cardamom is especially beneficial for improving one’s skin and hair health. It is important that when you buy cardamom online or in-store to make sure it is of the best quality as to get the best out of it. Some of the benefits of cardamom for your skin and hair are as below.



 1.  Improves Complexion

Cardamom plays a pivotal role in improving one’s complexion. It makes your skin look shiny and radiant by eliminating blemishes and dark spots. Cardamom can also stop or slow down signs of aging as the spice is rich in phytochemicals. The best way to ensure you get the benefits of cardamom for your complexion is to buy products that contain cardamom or to buy cardamom online or in-store and making home remedies by including cardamom in them.

2.  Cardamom Oil is Beneficial for One’s Lips

Cardamom is not only good for your skin and hair but it is also beneficial for making your lips soft and attractive. The oil extract of cardamom will make your lips incredibly soft and smooth. To get the best out of cardamom for one’s lips all you need to do is to buy lip balms that contain cardamom. This should not prove to be difficult as most cosmetics and balms contain cardamom.

Cardamom / Elaichi3.  Nourishes Hair

Black Cardamoms contain several antioxidants that prevent cellular damage from occurring to one’s hair. These chemicals present in the spice can protect your scalp from free radicals that attack your body and also strengthens the roots and strands of your hair. Along with nourishing your scalp, cardamom will also protect your hair from dandruff problems. The best way to naturally attain the benefits of cardamom for your hair is to buy cardamom online or offline and grind it into a powder to mix well with water. The resulting mixture should be applied for a final rinse after washing your hair.

4.  Imparts Fragrance

Cardamom provides a lovely fragrance upon application. Cardamom has been used in several high-end perfumes and cosmetics. Due to its unique sweet scent both cardamom and cardamom oil is also present in soaps, liquids, powders, and body washes. Other scented products also often use cardamom as an ingredient along with essential oils to make the complete product in making you smell good.

5.  Works as a Masking Agent for your Skin

The strong piney fragrance of cardamom can ward off unpleasant odours. This makes it a great addition or substitute for cosmetic products such as toners that serve a particularly important specific purpose but smell flat or insipid due to the inclusion of several other ingredients. You can buy cardamom online or in-store and add it to these products to retain their benefits while masking their unattractive smell.

6.  Helps in Achieving Clear Skin

Cardamom is very helpful in achieving clear skin irrespective of skin type. Black Cardamom especially helps in flushing out toxins that reside in your body and harm your skin. It would be beneficial to incorporate black cardamom in your diet as chewing the spice detoxifies your body thus providing you long term results with clearer skin. It is important to purchase the best quality cardamom irrespective of whether you buy cardamom online or from your nearby store.

cardamom7.  Improves Hair Health

Improves scalp health leads to stronger and better-looking hair. The consumption of cardamom strengthens your hair roots and offer luster to your hair. Cardamom also nourishes each and every hair follicle and enhances the strength of your hair. The antibacterial properties of cardamom will also treat scalp infections if any.

8.  Improves Blood Circulation

Cardamom is very useful in improving blood circulation in the body. Cardamom contains vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant. The presence of vitamin C cleanses the blood and improves blood circulation in your body. With improved blood circulation and the various layers of phytonutrients present in cardamom, inevitably enhances skin health. Consumption of cardamom is advised to improve your blood circulation. You can buy cardamom online or from your nearby store and incorporate it into beverages for easy consumption.

9.  Treats Skin Allergies

Black Cardamom is incorporated with several antibacterial properties. This in turn can treat skin allergies if you have any. All you need to do is mix readily available basic home ingredients such as honey and cardamom powder to create a paste. Apply this paste onto the affected area to give relief and eliminate visible skin allergies over time.

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