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What are the health benefits of Cardamom?


Cardamom popularly known as the Queen of Spices is widely used throughout the world due to its applicability as a flavouring agent and for its numerous health benefits. Cardamom is one of the oldest spices and is the third most expensive spice in the world after saffron and vanilla. Cardamom has an aromatic and piney aroma while comprising of a spicy and minty flavour. It is important to buy cardamom from reputed vendors who source it from authentic farms to get the best out of it. Each part of cardamom is thought to contain important medicinal properties. The seeds, extract, oil derived from cardamom has been used as medicine since ancient civilizations. Here are some of the health benefits mentioned as verified by science.


  1.  Contains Cancer-Fighting Compounds


Research has suggested that cardamom may contain certain compounds that may help fight against cancerous cells. Results from the research show that cardamom powder increases the ability of natural killer cells in the body to attack tumours. One study has also proved that a certain compound in the spice controlled and stopped the growth of oral cancer cells in test tubes from multiplying. Although the studies are promising more research has to be conducted to make sure that the results apply to humans as well. So keep that in mind before you hoard and buy cardamom for the entire family!


2.  Treats Digestive Problems

Cardamom has been used as a home remedy for thousands of years to help and improve digestion. Cardamom is often combined with other medicinal spices to relieve nausea, discomfort, and vomiting. Science has showcased several studies that prove that cardamom relieves stomach issues and possibly heal ulcers. Compounds present in cardamom has been shown to reduce the number and size of the ulcers. Buy cardamom and mixing it onto beverages such as tea is an easy way to consume the spice for its medicinal properties.

3.  Cardamom Improves Oral Health

The consumption of cardamom to improve oral health and treat problems such as bad breath, plaque is known to be an effective remedy. The spice is incorporated into beverages and items such as chewing gums to improve oral health. Studies have shown that cardamom has the ability to fight against common bacteria that attack the mouth. Consuming cardamom extract also reduces bacteria in the saliva by 54% and leads to minty fresh breath. It is a good investment to buy cardamom and improve your oral health.

4.  Antioxidant Properties of Cardamom May Reduce Blood Pressure

Consuming cardamom is helpful for individuals with high blood pressure. Scientific research has established a timeline through one study where three grams of cardamom powder were given to participants who were relatively recently diagnosed with high blood pressure. Blood pressure levels had reduced significantly after a span of three weeks for these participants. Cardamom also reduces blood pressure promotes urination to remove water that builds up in the body or in this case, the heart. Cardamom is also host to a variety of antioxidants. High levels of antioxidants in the body have been shown to decrease blood pressure. Buying cardamom and incorporating it into your diet is a good way to control blood pressure and keep it in check.

5.  Contains Anti-Inflammatory Effects Compounds That Protect Against Chronic Diseases

Inflammation is the process that occurs when your body is exposed to several foreign substances. Some level of inflammation is beneficial and necessary for short term protection against diseases but severe or long-term inflammation will lead to the onset of chronic diseases. Pharmaceutical supplements sold contain cardamom which increases antioxidant properties by 90%. Cardamom contains an abundance of antioxidants that protects the cell inside your body from damage and stop inflammation from occurring. Buying cardamom and consuming it daily is advised to protect against inflammation and chronic diseases.


6.   Cardamom Promotes Liver Health


Studies have suggested that consumption of cardamom protects against attacks from foreign compounds that affect the liver. The extract of cardamom may reduce elevated liver enzymes, cholesterol levels, and triglyceride levels. Reduction of cholesterol and triglyceride levels also prevents liver weight and liver enlargement which decreases the risk of obtaining fatty liver disease. It is important to regulate and improve your liver health and the best way to attain this is to buy cardamom and consume it in tiny doses.

7.  Improves Lung Capacity and Breathing

There are several compounds present in cardamom that improve one’s breathing and increases airflow to your lungs. Cardamom has been used in modern medicine through aromatherapy where the presence of cardamom provides an invigorating odour that increases your body’s capacity to use oxygen. Cardamom has also been shown to be beneficial for people with asthma as cardamom relaxes your airway and improves one’s breathing. Consumption of cardamom extract helps stimulate better oxygen intake and improves an individual’s lung capacity and improve their general breathing.



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