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5 Interesting Things you didn’t Know about Dried Ginger


Ginger is one of the most widely sought and commonly used dietary condiments in the world. Ginger is a member of the plant family that includes turmeric and cardamom. The tree from which dried ginger is harvested has the scientific classification “Zingiber officinale” and is native to Southeast Asia. Ginger is available in numerous forms including fresh, dried, pickled, candied, powdered, or ground.


The flavour of ginger can be described as peppery but slightly sweet with an aroma that is strong and slightly spicy. The concentration of essential oils increases as ginger ages and depends on when the crop was harvested. The most common form of ginger that is widely used around the world is that of dried ginger. Depending on its intended use it can be also powdered into ground ginger. Powdered ginger is usually incorporated into desserts or sweet dishes such as cookies, cakes, candies, sweets, etc. Dried ginger is used as a key ingredient in the culinary world for the crafting and preparation of various dishes. It is used in both sweet and savory items such as curries, sauces, biscuits, bread, and meat dishes. Buy dried ginger as it is the most versatile form of ginger that can be powdered or used as dried itself to craft your ideal dishes in the kitchen. Let us look at some of the interesting things you may not have known about dried ginger.


1.There are Around 1000 Species of Ginger


There are several species of ginger found around the world depending on the region and climatic conditions it was exposed to. In reality, there are around 1300 species spread around the world. These are commonly used for culinary purposes, ornamentation, and medicinal purposes. Most plants of this species have aromatic flowers. Ginger tends to thrive in tropical regions and is therefore commonly found in several parts of India, China, West Africa, etc. It was one of the first oriental spices to arrive in Europe through trade, by the Arab traders into Greece and Rome. Interestingly ginger was added to bread dough by the ancient Greeks to treat digestive problems, therefore, sparking the origin of the gingerbread dish as we know it today. When you buy dried ginger make sure that you buy from authentic sellers and markets to get high-quality dried ginger to use.


2.Dried Ginger has an Ancient History


The word ginger comes from the ancient Sanskrit word “singabera”, meaning ‘shaped like a horn’. Historically ginger can be traced back to 5000 years, used by the Indians in Ayurveda and traditional Chinese as a medicinal root. History has documented the use of ginger by famous scholars and philosophers such as Confucius who wrote accounts of consuming his meals with ginger and stressing the positive effect of ginger on digestion. By the early first century, the root had traveled to the Mediterranean Sea and by the start of the Middle Ages, ginger was used throughout Europe. Ginger was also seen as the rich man’s herb and was used extensively in local and foreign trade. There have been various accounts from rulers and royalty in England where Ginger was incorporated into beers and consumed as a soft drink for 200 years. Today ginger ale is used as an effective remedy for digestive issues. When you buy dried ginger you are buying a spice that has a rich history attached to its use spanning millennia.


3.There are 7 types of Ginger Used for Culinary Purposes


Even though you may know ginger as dried or powdered ginger due to it being the most common form, there exist seven different forms of ginger that are used in various forms for different unique culinary purposes. The seven types of ginger are


● Fresh Ginger: Raw ginger is usually chopped or grated for use in the kitchen. Raw ginger is not only used for Asian cooking styles, it can add flavour to marinades, stews, dips, meat dishes, vegetables, soups, etc.

Fresh Ginger

● Pickled Ginger: Ginger is usually pickled in sweet vinegar and is coloured bright pink. It is most commonly used in Japanese cuisine as an accompaniment to sushi. Pickled ginger is also used in Indian cuisine along with other vegetables to create a spicy dish that is then used to cook several items.

● Dried Ginger: Dried ginger is the type of ginger that is used in the root shape. These are not powdered and they are an excellent substitute for fresh ginger. Usually, double the amount of dried ginger is added to recipes calling for a certain amount of fresh ginger as some of the flavour is lost in the drying process. Buy dried ginger if you do not know what specific form of ginger to use in your kitchen.

● Preserved Ginger: Ginger is preserved in certain solutions such as sugar-salt solution, These are great to cook with especially when making salads and desserts.

● Crystallized ginger: or candied ginger, is ginger cooked in sugar until it is crystallized and coated with sugar. It’s not as sharp and ginger, it is great for dessert. Crystallized ginger is ginger that is cooked in sugar until it is crystallized. It is not as sharp as fresh ginger but it is more effective in making sweet items and desserts.

● Ground ginger: is ginger in powdered form, you can substitute ground ginger for fresh but you will have to double the amount. It’s got a longer shelf life and is great for smoothies and dessert, where you do not want the ginger flavor to be overpowering. Ground ginger is ginger in its powdered form. These are often used as a substitute for fresh ginger. It has a longer shelf life and is great to incorporate into desserts, smoothies, beverages. The flavour is also comparatively mild and can be used for dishes where you do not want the flavour of the ginger to be overwhelming.

● Ginger oil: used more for its medicinal properties. Some infused cocktails and mocktails can be made from it. Ginger oil is used often for its medicinal properties. It is often added to beverages such as cocktails, mocktails, tea, coffee, etc to easily avail its medicinal benefits.


4.Dried Ginger is a Host to Several Medicinal Benefits


Dried ginger contains various nutrients which help in relieving common diseases. Ginger is diaphoretic, which means that it promotes sweating, working to warm the body from within and thereby relieving relief from a cold, flu, and cough. Dried ginger also reduces symptoms of dysmenorrhea, the pain that women experience during menstruation. Ginger has also been used for centuries to treat digestion as it contains phenolic compounds which are known to help relieve gastrointestinally (GI) irritation, stimulate saliva and bile production, and suppress gastric contractions. Buy dried ginger from reputed vendors and incorporate it into your daily diet to avail the most out of its medicinal properties.


Ginger Tea 5.Ginger is Versatile


Ginger is a flowering plant whose root or rhizome is widely used as a condiment and as a medicinal remedy. Ginger originates from the tropical rainforests of the Indian subcontinent to Southern Asia. It is now cultivated in several countries such as the United States, India, China, West Indies, etc. Ginger contains a host of essential nutrients and minerals. It contains a compound called gingerol which is an antioxidant and contains anti-inflammatory properties that have been linked to many unique medicinal benefits to an individual. The oil of ginger is used for perfumes and cleaning agents in the commercial industry.



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