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What are the Health Benefits of Cashews?


Cashew nut is a popular snack food that is consumed in various ways. It is eaten on its own, processed into cashew butter, cheese, or other dairy products, and often incorporated into popular recipes for dishes around the world. The kernel of the cashew nut fruit is embedded. The colour of the fruit varies but it is typically either green or grayish brown. The total production of cashew nuts in a year is the highest of all the tree nuts that are produced in the world. It is estimated that 3.5 million tonnes of cashew nuts are produced in various regions throughout the year. Cashew nuts are produced from the cashew tree which is scientifically classified as Anacardium occidentale. Anacardium occidentale is a tropical evergreen tree that produces cashew products such as the cashew seed and cashew apple fruit throughout the year.


Cashew is one of the more globally popular tree nuts that are available in every nook and corner of the world. Therefore it should be no surprise to learn that Cashew ranks third in the international tree nut trade with over 20% of the market supply being Cashew. Buy cashew nuts from established and reputed vendors to source high-quality cashew nuts for your daily use. Increased production of cashew globally has seen the need for more effective utilization of the cashew nut, especially the nutritious kernel of the cashew seed. The kernel of cashew has a high nutritious value with about 21% protein and approximately 40-55% of oil content. Cashew nuts are also a good source of vitamin E and minerals especially zinc and magnesium. Cashews also contain sufficient proportions of vitamin B and vitamin C making them an overall healthy source of nutrients. Buy cashew nuts and consume it in moderation to attain the various nutritional benefits it offers. Let us look at some of the further health benefits cashew nuts offers.


1. Helps Prevent Cardiovascular Diseases


Research and studies conducted by the National Centre for Biotechnology Information have shown that cashew nuts help keep in check heart diseases and keep the heart healthy. Cashew nut consumption has a cholesterol-lowering effect and also lowers stress, inflammation, vascular reactivity, and oxidative stress. Cashews help lower LDL(bad cholesterol) and increase the carrying capacity of HDL (good cholesterol) in your body. Cashew nuts are rich in essential fatty acids, potassium, and other antioxidants that are beneficial for your heart. They also contain phenolic compounds, oleic acid, and phytosterols that make blood vessels stronger and improve heart health. It is recommended to not eat too many cashew nuts since they are dense in calories. Buy cashew nuts from reputable stores and eat a fistful of cashew nuts each day to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Cashew Nuts 

2. Lowers Blood Pressure and Risks of Blood Diseases


Cashew nuts are found to be rich in healthy unsaturated fats and minerals like potassium, magnesium, and L-arginine which reduce blood pressure directly by dilating and relaxing your blood vessels. Cashew nuts are also rich in copper which plays a major role in the elimination of free radicals in your body. Copper deficiencies can lead the way to iron deficiencies such as anemia. Hence buy cashew nuts from reputed stores and incorporate them into your daily diet in moderation to avoid blood diseases and lowering blood pressure.


3. Improves Eye Health


Cashews contain lutein and zeaxanthin which are antioxidants that protect from UV rays. Studies have shown that these pigments are directly absorbed by the retina. These antioxidant pigments naturally occur in the eyes and are an essential defense against damaging light. These antioxidants reduce the risks of developing age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and cataracts. Buy cashew nuts online or offline and incorporate them into your daily diet to protect and improve your eye health from various diseases.


4. Helps in Weight Loss


It was found in numerous studies that people who consume cashew nuts regularly or moderately tend to lose weight faster. Cashew nuts are found to be high in calories, proteins, and fibers that make you fuller for a longer time and kill your cravings. Nuts like cashews are packed with Omega 3 fatty acids that contribute to the metabolic process of burning excess fat. So when you buy cashew nuts make sure to eat them raw and unsalted in moderate proportions as they are beneficial in reducing one’s weight.


5. Excellent Source of Dietary Fibers


According to several studies conducted by the scientific community, cashew nuts are found to have a high percentage of essential dietary fibers. The two major dietary fibers required for our body are oleic acid and palmitic acid. Cashew nuts are an excellent source of these fibers. These dietary fibers help digest food better when eaten in moderation. Excess consumption may lead to significant intestinal gas production and bloating. Eating cashew nuts has been found to reduce the onset of several digestive diseases. So buy cashew nuts and ensure to consume them in moderation to avoid the risks of digestive issues while attaining the benefits of the dietary fibers present in cashew nuts.


Cashew Nut Tree6. Strengthens Bones


Strengthening and maintaining healthy bones require several minerals and luckily cashew nuts have them all. Cashew nuts are found to be rich in calcium and copper which are responsible for strengthening our bones and making them stronger. Copper also helps in keeping the joints flexing by synthesizing collagen. This helps the bones and joints in our body to maintain successfully. Buy cashew nuts and add them to your favourite foods to strengthen your bones and joints.


7. Incredibly Beneficial for Hair


Copper present in cashew helps produce the hair pigment known as melanin which is responsible for enhancing the hair and keeping it healthy. The various fatty acids present in cashew nuts also help keep the hair healthy and shiny. Buy cashew nuts and eat them in moderation to have healthy and shiny hair.


8. Increases Male Fertility


Cashew nuts are found to be rich in zinc that is beneficial in increasing the sperm count in males. As a result, it improves the fertility chances of a male. Regular consumption of cashew nuts also helps control body weight and keeps diabetes in check which increases male fertility significantly. Intake of cashew nuts over a consistent period of time is advised to see results.



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