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8 Unique Ways To Store Spices (with Pictures)

The kitchen pantry is an important area of any household because it provides us access to an essential component of our daily needs – nourishment, from food and beverages to everything else in between. If you enjoy sprucing up meals with spices and herbs like a pro, then organizing your jumbled up spices in an orderly fashion will make meal prep a smoother and visually delightful experience. Below you’ll find a quick guide we’ve devised to help you rearrange your spice rack creatively (and, on a budget)! –

But, before we jump into storage options, let’s take a step back and understand the difference between whole spices and powdered spices as both need different treatment. Given that powdered spices are more sensitive than whole spices – they tend to lose color and flavor more quickly – you need to keep them in air-tight containers so light doesn’t enter and hinder its potency. On the other hand, while whole spices also need to be stored in air-tight containers so they don’t spoil from microbial contamination, it is okay if they are kept in transparent containers that allow light to enter.

1. Jars X Open & Exposed Shelving

Try a simple technique of putting all of your spices in jars, and then setting them on full display upon open shelves. You’ll be able to get your hands on spices efficiently, without any confusion or fuss. Confused where to get the jars from? How about mason jars, achaar jars, or baby food jars? Recycle! And, don’t forget to get artsy with customized labels, painted lids, and decorations.

2. Test Tube Spice Rack

If you thought test tubes are just for science projects, think again! Channel your inner science nerd in a manner that’s actually pretty cool – a test tube spice rack set. Innovative, handy, and easy to squeeze into even the tiniest of kitchen pantries, you can order test tubes online and either store them in a small box or display them with a rollout.

3. Go Desi With Your Masala Dabba

When Indians deal with spices, the good old’ masala Dabba never lets anyone down. Whether you opt for the standard steel Dabba or the light-weight plastic kind, this age-old storage option is airtight, occupies a limited amount of space, and keeps all of your spices organized and fresh. There’s a reason most Indian households have stuck to dabbas for generations – it works especially well for powdered spices, keeping light out!

4. Rotating Countertop 16-Jar Spice Rack

This particular spice rack operates in a systematic way – it keeps all of your spices well-organized and manageable, with a quick spin. Sometimes these rotating rack jars come pre-filled with natural herbs and spices, while some come empty so you can select exactly what to store as per your individual needs.

5. Bag It All Up

If you’re looking to clear up space in your pantry, then re-sealable bags are another foolproof method of storing spices and herbs. You can keep these spice bags inside drawers, or even in your refrigerator, for quick access.

6. 2-Tier Rustic Wire Wall-Mount Rack

Made out of chicken wire, a 2 or 4-tier rustic wire wall-mount spice rack lends itself to an artistic look. Added bonus – it gives visibility to all your spices in one quick glance. If you’re keen on going DIY for a highly personalized look and feel, instead of a wire wall-mount rack, you can mount vintage trays to your wall. Use your imagination!

7. Two-Tier Spice Drawer

Another kitchen space saver, drawers can store spices once you add built-in horizontal/vertical rods! Your spice containers and jars will stay well-ordered in neat, symmetric rows.

8. Magnetic Storage

Although this might seem a bit scary to some people at first, magnetic storage containers are another innovative spice storage option. These containers can attach to your fridge (or, any magnetic mountable unit you install), opening up plenty of space for other purposes in smaller pantries.

We hope these unique spice storage methods will help you to make quick changes to your kitchen pantry. Comment below and let us know if you have a storage idea you swear by!

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