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Honey is one of the most sought-after ingredient in the world. It is used in various cultures for different types of cuisines. It is widely used as a sweetener or a flavoring agent in savory dishes. Depending on its nectar source honey can be fruity or fruity. It typically has a fresh aroma. Honey is often used as a substitute for sugar and adds delicate floral sweetness to everything it is exposed to.  It also contains various medicinal properties which is why it is added to various beverages.

The bees from which honey is derived from has the scientific classification “Apis” and is found in the Southern region of India. Honey harvesting is a means of livelihood for tribals in the forests of Kerala and they’ve developed several non-destructive means to collect honey. Most of our honey is collected from the bee hives at the Thottam Farm at Angamaly, Kerala. Buy honey from Thottam Farm Fresh to taste the difference!

It is famously known as “Then” in Malayalam, “Shahad” in Hindi, “and “Honig” in German.

Honey contains a number of antioxidants, including phenolic compounds like flavonoids which reduces the risk of cancer, heart attacks and promotes eye health. Eating honey may also lead to reduced blood pressure. Honey seems to have a positive effect on cholesterol levels. It leads to modest reductions in total and “bad” LDL cholesterol while raising “good” HDL cholesterol. Buy shahad from Thottam Farm Fresh today!



Storage Instructions:

Keep in a cool dry place, once opened, store in an airtight container for prolonged use. Honey lasts for years but use caution to avoid physical and chemical damage

Health benefits:

Scientific studies have identified several health benefits of honey, they include,

a) Cure respiratory problems

b) Reduces blood pressure

c) Heals wounds and bruises

d) Improves eyesight

e) Better sleep

Names in various languages:

Honey is known as Then in Malayalam, easal in Arabic, mon chéri in French and Tene in Telugu.

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