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Fenugreek is produced for its leaves and seeds which are used as a herb and spice respectively. It is used as whole and powdered. Fengrrek has a musky and fresh aroma while comprising of a strong and bitter flavor. Fenugreek is popular in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine. It is used as a primary ingredient in curry powder and is added onto items such as pickles, dals, soups, sweetbreads and potato dishes. Interestingly, in ancient times, Fenugreek was used by the Egyptians for the embalming process from which it was introduced to the mainstream. It is also mixed into drinks such as water and tea to make use of its medicinal benefits.  Fenugreek is host to several supplements which is found to be important in fighting and preventing several diseases. It has been used in alternative medicine and Chinese medicines dating back centuries in treating skin diseases.

The plant from which Fenugreek is harvested has the scientific classification “Trigonella foenum-graecum” and is native to Southeastern Europe and West Asia. Fenugreek is found to grow optimally in sunny regions with well-drained soils.

It is famously known as “Ventayan or Uluva” in Malayalam, “Methe,” in Hindi, “Menthya” in Kannada and “Vendayam” in Tamil.

Fenugreek contains various nutrients which help in relieving common diseases. Fenugreek is added onto supplements as it boosts testosterone and boosts libido. Consumption of fenugreek is also proven to benefit individuals suffering from type-1 and type-2 diabetes as it increases insulin in the body. Buy Fenugreek from Thottam Farm Fresh to taste the difference!


Storage instructions:

Keep in a cool dry place, once opened, store in an airtight container for sustained use. Fenugreek lasts for a minimum of 5 years so use accordingly.

Health benefits:

Scientific studies have identified several health benefits of Whole Fenugreek, they include,

a) Promotes weight loss

b) Soothes digestion

c) Pain relief

d) Maintains liver and kidney functioning

e) Controls cholesterol

Names in various languages:

Fenugreek is known as Venthayam or Uluva in Malayalam, Methi in Hindi, Bockshornklee in German, Fenugrec in French, Shanbalid in Mandarin Chinese and Uluhal in Sinhala.

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