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Cloves are the most well-known spice in the group of spices known as “flower spices,”.  Cloves are propagated through seeds during the summer months of June-October. Cloves have a warm and pungent aroma while maintaining a strong sweet flavor. It is also an excellent flavoring agent for savory dishes as well. Cloves are used in various forms all over the world. They are mainly used for culinary purposes. Their sweet flavor is used to enhance food items such as sweets, cakes, cookies and add depth to items such as sauces and soups. Their antiseptic and antibacterial properties also allow them to play a major part in medicine, especially oral and nutritional medicine.

The tree from which Cloves are harvested has the scientific classification “Syzygium aromaticum” and is indigenous to the Moluccas Islands in Indonesia. Its rise was propagated due to the natives who planted a clove tree for each child born. It thrives in places with a warm climate. A humid atmospheric and well-distributed rainfall is best for optimal results, therefore, marking its constant history throughout time in Kerala. Buy clove online from Thottam Farm Fresh today!

It is famously known as “Grambu” in Malayalam, “Laung” in Hindi, “Lavang” in Gujarati and “Kirambu” in Tamil.

Cloves contain a variety of nutrients such as Fiber, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, manganese and Vitamin E. Cloves are an effective tool in improving digestive health as they secrete digestive enzymes which eliminates bloating and indigestion. The compound eugenol present in cloves helps in promoting liver health by improving liver function, reducing inflammation and decreasing oxidative stress. Cloves can also assist in protecting against and controlling cancer as clove extracts stops growth of tumors and promotes cell death in cancerous cells. Buy clove from Thottam Farm Fresh to taste the difference!


Storage Instructions:

Keep in a cool dry place, once opened, store in an airtight container for prolonged use. Whole cloves last for years and improves as it ages.

Health benefits:

Scientific studies have identified several health benefits of Whole cloves, they include,

a) Regulates diabetes

b) Aids in digestion

c) Acts as an anti-bacterial agent

d) Cures oral diseases

e) Boosts immunity

Names in various languages:

Clove is known as Grambu in Malayalam, Laung in Hindi, Karambu in Tamil, Nelken in German, Ding Xiang in Mandarin Chinese, Clou de girofle in French and Mikhak in Farsi.

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