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Cinnamon produced in the southern regions of India and Sri-Lanka is the only true cinnamon, scientifically and historically speaking. Other variants of cinnamon are technically cassia bark. At Thottam Farm Fresh, we provide pure Sri Lankan Cinnamon. The spice comprising of the dried inner bark is brown in color and can be further sub-divided into a range of products such as quills, chips, and oils for commercial use. Cinnamon has a fragrant and woody aroma while the flavor is strong and sweet. It is probably the most commonly used baking spice as it incorporates well with cakes, cookies, and desserts. It is also regularly paired with apples and other fruit-based dishes to add depth to the dishes. It is also added onto popular beverages such as coffee and cocktail for their vibrant flavoring. It is also regularly used in savory dishes such as preparations of lamb and sweet chicken to lend   a tinge of sweetness in combination with the meaty flavor.

The tree from which Cinnamon is harvested has the scientific classification “Cinnamomum verum” and originated in the central hills of Sri Lanka. Interestingly cinnamon was one of the earliest known spices in the history of the world as historical texts mention their use in Egyptian funerals as well as several mentions of it in the Holy Bible. Cinnamon is suitable for production in various climate conditions. Ideally, it is best grown in areas with a hot and humid climate with well-drained soil types.

It is famously known as “ Karuvapatta” in Malayalam, “Dalchini” in Hindi, “and “Kayu manis” in Persian and “Sannalavangapattai” in Tamil.

Cinnamon also has several medicinal properties. It aids in weight loss by controlling insulin levels and decreases blood sugar thus boosting metabolism. For the same reasons, doctors also prescribe cinnamon to individuals suffering from type 2 diabetes.  Cinnamon is also beneficial to individuals suffering from neurodegenerative diseases as it contains compounds which stunt the buildup of a protein called tau in the brain, which is an indicator of Alzheimer’s disease. Buy true ceylon cinnamon that is 100% pure from Thottam Farm Fresh.


Storage instructions:

Keep in a cool dry place, once opened, store in an airtight container for prolonged use. Cinnamon can be stored for a long period of time before it becomes stale.

Health benefits:

Scientific studies have identified several health benefits of Whole Cinnamon, they include,

a) Lowers blood sugar levels

b) Aids in weight loss

c) Control Neurodegenerative diseases

d) Fights bacterial and fungal infections

e) Anti-inflammatory properties help combat flu and cough

Names in various languages:

Cinnamon is known as Karuvapatta in Malayalam, Dalchini in Hindi, Ilavangam in Tamil, Zimt in German, Qarfah in Arabic, Kurundu in Sinhala, Cannelle in French, Dalchinni in Kannada and Kanela in Greek.

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