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Cardamom Tea is an herbal tea which is made by combining the seeds or pods of cardamom in hot water along with tea leaves to produce hot tea. It should be allowed to cool to be enjoyed as iced tea. It is very popular in Eastern cuisine and goes well with sweet dishes. It goes well with milk and cream, but can also be consumed black. It has a piney aroma and slightly sweet flavor which is sure to awaken the mind and the body.

Our Cardamom Tea is made by blending our English breakfast tea with crushed cardamom pods. If you don’t know already, our English Breakfast tea is made from tea leaves grown exclusively in the Vagamon Hills of Kerala. Ours is a single-origin English breakfast tea that is harvested, sourced and processed in Kerala. For the tea nerds out there, our tea is non-reconditioned tea (NRC) [dust not added back in] that is produced using standard CTC process. The process used gives our tea its signature taste and odor and differentiates it in terms of quality.

Cardamom Tea has been used as a remedy dating back to ancient times. It helps in weight loss and prevents fat deposits. Drinking cardamom tea also promotes oral health as it prevents the buildup of plaque and decreases cavities. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which helps lower blood pressure and cure a sore throat. Buy the best Cardamom tea online from Thottam Farm Fresh today!


Product Style: Black Tea

Shelf Life: 2 years

Qualities: All Natural, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO

Caffeine Free: No

Country of Origin: India

Storage: To be stored in a cool dry place

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