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Black Pepper is one of the most sought-after spices in the world due to its complexity and versatility. Tellicherry black peppercorns are left on the vine longer to ripen than the other variants which result in their substantial size and the rich flavor. Black Pepper has a sharp and pungent aroma while maintaining a spicy and warm flavor.

Black Pepper is popularly used as a source of flavoring in several cooking styles all over the world. It is coated onto meats to add depth in their taste. It is also added to popular beverages such as tea to enhance their flavor. It is also a popular ingredient in the food industry in items such as sauces, spice blends and salad dressing to incorporate a tinge of spiciness within their product. It is also rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants which help in protection from diseases.

The tree from which Tellicherry Black Pepper is harvested has the scientific classification “Piper Nigrum” and is indigenous to the south Indian state of Kerala. Interestingly it can be stored for many years without losing its distinct flavor. Pepper is a tropical plant and therefore grows in conditions with a humid climate and adequate rainfall. Buy black pepper from Thottam Farm Fresh today!

It is famously known as “ Karutha Kurumulagu” in Malayalam, “Kali mirch” in Hindi, “Poivre Noir” in French and “Weißer Pfeffer” in German.

Black Pepper contains a variety of nutrients such as flavonoids, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and carotene. Black Pepper is an effective tool in improving digestive health as they secrete hydrochloric acid which eases indigestion and stimulates the stomach in digesting protein. Due to its antibacterial properties, they are used to cure a cold, cough and chest inflammation. Its outermost layer contains phytonutrients, which helps to break down fat cells, and also increases metabolism which helps in enabling weight loss in an individual. Buy kali mirch from Thottam Farm Fresh to taste the difference!


Storage Instructions:

Keep in a cool dry place, once opened, store in an airtight container for sustained use. Tellicherry black pepper last for years and improves as it ages.

Health benefits:

Scientific studies have identified several health benefits of Tellicherry Black Pepper, they include,

a) Lower cholesterol

b) Improves brain functioning

c) Acts as an anti-inflammatory agent

d) Offers pain relief

e) Boosts nutrient absorption

Names in various languages:

Black pepper is known as Karutha Kurumulagu in Malayalam, Kali mirch in Hindi, Gol mirch in Urdu, Schwarzer Pfeffer in German, Hei hu jiao in Chinese, Poivre noir in French, Prik thai dam in Thai and Karabiber in Turkish.

How is Tellicherry Black Pepper different?