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5 Awe-Inspiring Indian Spices Flavor Profiles

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Spices and flavors go hand in hand. In particular, the types of flavor notes in spices used in Indian meals result in a taste experience involves all five senses – sight, smell, taste, touch and sound. When we first engage with food, we are mostly concerned with sight and smell. The tongue is what physically

uses of cardamom

Interesting Ways To Use Cardamom In Your Dishes

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Cardamom is one of the oldest known spices to exist on this planet! In fact, the ancient king of Babylon (721–701 BC) grew cardamom in his garden. Cardamom uses in India dates back to very ancient times – nearly 5,000 years ago. While it is native to South India, its use in Middle Eastern and

Spices Box

8 Unique Ways To Store Spices (with Pictures)


The kitchen pantry is an important area of any household because it provides us access to an essential component of our daily needs – nourishment, from food and beverages to everything else in between. If you enjoy sprucing up meals with spices and herbs like a pro, then organizing your jumbled up spices in an

cinnamon in food

Ways To Use Cinnamon To Spruce Up Your Dishes

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Spices like Cinnamon are easily the most versatile additions to otherwise humdrum cooking routines. They take up little room, add flavour, and work up quite the miracle when used the right way. Cinnamon, despite being extremely versatile, is widely known to be used only in desserts like cinnamon rolls, buns, cakes, pastries and apple tarts.

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12 Amazing Health Benefits Of Nutmeg

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One of the two species that grows on evergreen trees, nutmeg has the scientific classification Myristica fragrans. Although it is native to the Maluku Spice Islands in Indonesia, it is also commonly grown in the Caribbean and tropic areas of the world and within Kerala. Nutmeg is commonly used in alternative, herbal medicine, as well