काली मिर्च

What are the Benefits of Black Pepper for Skin?

Food & Health

The wonder spice called black pepper, otherwise known as Kali Mirch in Hindi is not just a wonder spice that gives the flavor and authentic taste to cuisines but also does wonders to your skin.   Known for their savory and spicy flavor, black pepper is commonly used to prepare flavorsome cuisines and has also


Benefits of Honey for Face & Skin

Food & Health

    Irrespective of age and gender, the entire populace on Mother earth would like to be beauty crowned. But little do many know that beautiful face and skin regimen is ultimately not getting a Botox done! Homemade face and skincare are not only easy and affordable but it ensures your face and skin a

spices in hindi

Names of Spices in Various Languages


In order for us to garner a good understanding of the ways in which dishes around the world use spices, a good first step might just be to learn spices name in various languages – i.e. spices in Tamil, spices in Hindi, spices in Malayalam, spices in English. Here’s a handy reference guide to help

top 8 indian cookbooks

8 Of Our Favorite Indian Cooking Books


Being one of the most celebrated cuisines around the globe, Indian cuisine is known to be regionally diverse and quite complex. But, don’t let this intimidate you from experimenting in the kitchen. We’ve shortlisted eight of our favorite Indian cookbooks so you can play around with aromatic and colorful organic spices and enjoy Indian cooking

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8 Indian Chefs On Instagram Whom We Adore


For most of us, the idea of a good life is traveling, shopping to our heart’s content, being fit and perhaps even being with someone we love. But, a few of us live only to eat good food! We equate a scrumptious meal with a day well spent and are constantly on the lookout for

Spices Box

8 Unique Ways To Store Spices (with Pictures)


The kitchen pantry is an important area of any household because it provides us access to an essential component of our daily needs – nourishment, from food and beverages to everything else in between. If you enjoy sprucing up meals with spices and herbs like a pro, then organizing your jumbled up spices in an