शहद के कुछ फायदे जिनसे आप वाकिफ नहीं

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क्या शहद (Shahad) के फायदे से अप्प वाकिफ है ,जो हमारे पूर्वजो के ज़माने से चले आ रहे है? शहद(Shahad) के अनेक फायदों में से कुछ फायदों से ,आपको हम वाकिफ करते है। ओषदि से लेखर पकवान और सौंदर्य वरदक के रूप में  शहद(Shahad) का इस्तेमाल हो रही है। सदियों से चली आ रही है

buy spices online

Where Should You Buy Spices Online?

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You’ve just had an extraordinary tutorial session with that MasterChef of a friend, and now want to go ahead and start cooking fantastic new Indian meals yourself by completely utilizing the wide range of spices Indian cuisine offers, right? Your first question right now must be, “Where exactly do I begin shopping for spices?” You’re

white pepper

Everything You Need To Know About White Pepper

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What Is White Pepper? White pepper, like black pepper, is a spice produced from the dried fruit of Piper nigrum vines (the pepper plant). Despite similar origins, black pepper and white pepper are very different in their flavor, primarily because of the differences in their processing and handling. Both peppers come from the berries of

spices and flavours

5 Awe-Inspiring Indian Spices Flavor Profiles

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Spices and flavors go hand in hand. In particular, the types of flavor notes in spices used in Indian meals result in a taste experience involves all five senses – sight, smell, taste, touch and sound. When we first engage with food, we are mostly concerned with sight and smell. The tongue is what physically

spices in hindi

Names of Spices in Various Languages


In order for us to garner a good understanding of the ways in which dishes around the world use spices, a good first step might just be to learn spices name in various languages – i.e. spices in Tamil, spices in Hindi, spices in Malayalam, spices in English. Here’s a handy reference guide to help

benefits of honey (shahad)

12 Amazing Health Benefits Of Honey

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For centuries, honey has been used as both a medicinal tool and a delicious cooking ingredient (it’s a healthy substitute to sugar). Let’s take a look at the many health benefits of honey, some which you might not have known about! 1. Abundance Of Antioxidants  Organic Honey is loaded with antioxidants, which prevents cells from

top 8 indian cookbooks

8 Of Our Favorite Indian Cooking Books


Being one of the most celebrated cuisines around the globe, Indian cuisine is known to be regionally diverse and quite complex. But, don’t let this intimidate you from experimenting in the kitchen. We’ve shortlisted eight of our favorite Indian cookbooks so you can play around with aromatic and colorful organic spices and enjoy Indian cooking

indian chefs instagram

8 Indian Chefs On Instagram Whom We Adore


For most of us, the idea of a good life is traveling, shopping to our heart’s content, being fit and perhaps even being with someone we love. But, a few of us live only to eat good food! We equate a scrumptious meal with a day well spent and are constantly on the lookout for

how is tea prepared

How Is Tea Prepared?

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A piping hot cup of tea just before you begin your day is quite refreshing. It gives you a much-needed kick to go full throttle. While making tea might sound easy, there are actually quite a few elements to pay attention to, such as brewing time, temperature, tea to water ratio, stirring method and add-ons

spices and chicken

5 Spices That Can Be Used To Marinade Chicken


For ages, the non-vegetarian community has asked themselves the following question – “What is the best way to season chicken?” In particular, fitness enthusiasts who consume a lot of chicken due to its protein quantity can find it rather boring after a point. Innovating ways to cook chicken can be helpful – frying, baking, grilling,

uses of cardamom

Interesting Ways To Use Cardamom In Your Dishes

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Cardamom is one of the oldest known spices to exist on this planet! In fact, the ancient king of Babylon (721–701 BC) grew cardamom in his garden. Cardamom uses in India dates back to very ancient times – nearly 5,000 years ago. While it is native to South India, its use in Middle Eastern and

uses of cinnamon

Use Cinnamon To Spruce Up Your Meals


Spices are easily the most versatile additions to otherwise humdrum cooking routines. They take up little room, add flavour, and work up quite the miracle when used the right way. Cinnamon, despite being extremely versatile, is widely known to be used only in desserts like cinnamon rolls, buns, cakes, pastries and apple tarts. So, in

health benefits of black pepper

5 Amazing Black Pepper Benefits

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Flavour. Health. Detoxification. These are the three big words that come to mind when one thinks of pepper. Widely known as the “King of Spices,” black pepper easily makes its way into the kitchen by virtue of the nutritional value it brings to the dining table! All you need is an ounce of black pepper

Spices Box

8 Unique Ways To Store Spices (with Pictures)


The kitchen pantry is an important area of any household because it provides us access to an essential component of our daily needs – nourishment, from food and beverages to everything else in between. If you enjoy sprucing up meals with spices and herbs like a pro, then organizing your jumbled up spices in an

spices in baby food

Tips On Adding Spices To Baby Food Recipes

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There is a lot of confusion surrounding when to add spices to a child’s diet (or baby food recipes), especially because flavor palettes vary drastically from country to country and family to family. However, it is common practice to spruce up meals for little ones with a dash of spice in many Thai, Middle Eastern,

cinnamon in food

Ways To Use Cinnamon To Spruce Up Your Dishes

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Spices like Cinnamon are easily the most versatile additions to otherwise humdrum cooking routines. They take up little room, add flavour, and work up quite the miracle when used the right way. Cinnamon, despite being extremely versatile, is widely known to be used only in desserts like cinnamon rolls, buns, cakes, pastries and apple tarts.

health benefits of nutmet

12 Amazing Health Benefits Of Nutmeg

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One of the two species that grows on evergreen trees, nutmeg has the scientific classification Myristica fragrans. Although it is native to the Maluku Spice Islands in Indonesia, it is also commonly grown in the Caribbean and tropic areas of the world and within Kerala. Nutmeg is commonly used in alternative, herbal medicine, as well